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For clients who are looking to develop new facilities we offer comprehensive support from the earliest design stages through to the project management and ultimately opening and operations of the facility. Specifically this includes the following elements of the process:

  • Creation of a feasibility plan: Do you need to create a comprehensive financial model supported by both local and international operational experience? Do you need support to fine-tune the business model?
  • Raising of investment capital to fund the development: Do you need start-up capital which matches the profile of your development? Do you need guidance on how to build a strong, enduring, win-win relationship with your investors?
  • Supervision of the design of facilities: Do you need professional oversight of the designers to ensure that they fully address your aspirations for the facility while, at the same time, incorporating the latest international Best Practice?
  • Creation of clinical plans: Do you require a comprehensive plan for the delivery of all the proposed clinical services in the facility which details the various protocols and policies required for the efficient effective running of the facility?
  • Creation of equipment plans: Do you need a knowledgeable guide through the bewildering array of equipment options which focuses on the actual needs of the facility and carefully weighs the cost and benefit of the various options, considering not just the purchase price and quality but the after sales service and the total lifetime cost?
  • Creation of IT plans: Do you need a clear plan which specifies the most appropriate IT hardware and software for your facility and details how it should be integrated to the best effect?
  • Creation of operations plans: Do you require detailed plans for the efficient administration of the facility along with a cost effective marketing plan?
Once the plans are in place they have to be implemented in a professional manner which minimises the risk of expensive delays and cost over-runs. We offer a comprehensive project management service which brings a particular awareness of the challenges of healthcare facility development.

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