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Existing facilities

For existing facilities we start with a detailed review of current operations to identify necessary changes and create an achievable implementation plan. This determines the path we take to optimise the operations of the facilities as quickly as possible while ensuring continuity of service from the previous management.

For clients who require objective, insightful and realistic advice we offer the following consulting services:

  • Strategic reviews: Do you have the right strategy which matches your capabilities with the needs of the market in an ambitious yet achievable manner?
  • Operations reviews: Are you managing your operations in a way that supports your vision, with the most efficient use of your resources to achieve the highest levels
  • of effectiveness?
  • Financial reviews: Is your financial strategy best suited for your needs and do you manage your cash flows efficiently, with appropriate risk management controls?
  • Business plans: Do you have a compelling business plan for the new development you are hoping to undertake?

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