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Why have we formed Gulf Healthcare?

Our story so far

We believe that a strong, trusted healthcare sector is vital to the long term success of the Gulf region. It is no longer acceptable for discerning patients to feel compelled to travel long haul to receive specialist medical healthcare.

However the gap between the quality of healthcare provided locally and that which is required from discerning patients is all too often too wide. While much has been accomplished in the past few years to establish high quality medical facilities in the Gulf region, there is still a need for more high quality units here, both in the primary and in the secondary healthcare sectors.

This gap may be filled either by the development of new units, or by upgrading existing units to international standards.

If discerning patients are to trust these units they must be confident of four matters:

  • The facilities have been developed to the highest international standards
  • The staff are fully qualified and highly skilled so they can perform their responsibilities effectively and efficiently
  • The unit is operated professionally
  • The central focus of the whole effort is the delivery of healthcare in a local setting which meets or exceeds the quality of care they could expect to find at the end of a long haul flight

We believe that the most effective way to reliably achieve these goals is to bring to the region the expertise that lies behind the high quality, international facilities that have attracted patients from the region, but which is not tied to any one particular brand or facility. To achieve this successfully requires not just the international expertise but a sympathetic appreciation of the local culture in such a way that they strengthen each other rather than working in opposition as can so often happen when a foreign model is parachuted into the local environment. We bring this blend of international expertise and local sensitivity to the healthcare sector to enable it to achieve its true potential of delivering in a local setting the high quality of healthcare that discerning patients expect.
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